Fishing and Hunting

Hunting and fishing

You will enjoy the nature whether you are passionate hunter, fisherman or a nature lover. Thanks to natural materials, anatomic shape and quality manufacture Tigar rubber boots makes every outdoor activity pure pleasure.

Safety Rubber Footwear

Safety footwear

Your safety is our goal! Dealing with danger materials in environment with high risk of injuries, from deepest mines to power supply facilities, in prevention activities such as firefighting, as well as in forestry or lumber industry. Tigar rubber boots are the solution for all and any of your needs.

Work Rubber Footwear

Work footwear

Tigar offers a wide range of work footwear. Eight decade long experience in rubber footwear production is a guaranty that you will get protection and comfort in industrial facilities, on building sites and in fields.

Welcome to our new website Tigar Footwear

Welcome to our new website Tigar Footwear, which will make our products closer to you, and give you important information about eight decade long history of Tigar Company, our programs and production technology. Our website will also help you find rubber footwear that will best suit your needs.