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Work Rubber Footwear

1935: Tigar was founded in 1935 as a small rubber footwear workshop, then called Tigar Industrial Workshop, Dimitrije Mladenović Gaga & Co. It initially manufactured farmers’ rubber shoes.

1945: Tigar began to actively develop other footwear product lines and recorded sustained upward trends in volume, product mix and particularly product quality.

1980: Tigar began manufacturing hunting boots.

1985: Tigar established a working relationship with the Swedish company Lindstrom & Nilson. The requirements of the Scandinavian market gave new momentum to the footwear factory, initiating the development of safety rubber footwear. The quality offered by Tigar and the overall efficiency of the footwear factory attracted many customers, including other European manufacturers of rubber footwear who began to outsource to Tigar.

1995: Tigar Footwear implemented ISO 9001.

2003: Tigar Footwear implemented ISO 14001.

2008: Tigar Footwear commissioned a new factory within the Tigar 3 industrial compound. It also acquired the Century, Forester and Firefighter brands along with the Century Division of Hunter Boot Ltd. from the UK.

2010: Tigar Footwear implemented OHSAS 18001.

Present: Tigar Footwear now operates cutting-edge production facilities and features the largest capacities in Europe. Following the introduction of new technologies and the development of sophisticated product lines, Tigar Footwear is one of the key manufacturers of rubber footwear today. The majority of its products are sold to West European markets, but it is also present in Canada and the US.

Our vision: To be the leading European manufacturer of rubber footwear.

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